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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Year Goes By Fast

Well... 2015 (around this time of year) was interesting for Traveller role-players. Still feeling the effects of it a year later.

A year ago, Mongoose Traveller Second Edition was in play-testing, Traveller 5.1 was released, and a series of Agent of the Imperium novels was an idea.

And now we see Mongoose Traveller Second Edition is in print. And we see the first Agent of the Imperium novel is in print, which is based on Traveller 5.1.

I think that was quick. Time flew by for these projects. Schedules were made. Deadlines were met. I had to cancel my book order of Traveller: Prime Directive, because it's been five years now and doesn't look like it will ever be a thing.

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