Traveller High Society

An RPG Blog. Mostly about Traveller.

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This blog is mostly about role-playing games, and role-play gaming. The range I've allowed for is from the '70s, up to now. So game material/supplies talked about are paper and pencil games using dice, teletype paper and CRT games using mainframes, television games using home computers, flat screen games using consumer computers, and phone games using hand-held computers.

Now as far as RPG mechanics go, I try to focus more on Traveller's here. Since I play a lot of Skyrim, its mechanic gets mentioned here at times. The reason I mention RPGs other than Traveller is for compare and contrast purposes with Traveller, since I get asked a lot about the difference between Traveller and another RPG.

I use Mongoose Traveller's mechanic for my role-play gaming. But I don't always use Traveller for my setting. I'll make my own career templates, so that characters can be created in other settings to adventure in. And I'll use computer programs I've written to help with this, which often show up on this blog. Lately, I have been working on a Fallout 3 game setting that uses a game mechanic from Mongoose Traveller. This helps with my learning of other computer programming languages as I go.