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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Solomani Names for Traveller

I wrote a Solomani name generator for Traveller last night. Here are some sample names:

Awraikkouhn Shichruda
Imon Ouherlie
Cladrum Eiw
Outton Emon
Gippirr Endie
Traint Eis
Kraistrandy Fuschuimain
Itz Neda
Cokraim Morigretteini
Gaicrelm Eindal
Tomon Estuistannor
Ibrella Skugrasen
Preorlie Udike
Cischath Emmer
Nennor Imon
Chrindel Ell
Unter Zhihith
Hini Bibrinn
Eixx Skeithillon
Doumirlie Ent
Rizeimnux Qipposen
Oulla Chrutts
Indie Eithigainnor
Strouzo Ukkoummer
Ponnor Reotteni
Foclilsaim Ikrondy
Dippeini Zwirlie
Eim Aiw
Freijas Oufustrummer
Ith Plilapesheiw
Shindie Ouman
Glainnie Ipper
Irr Bibeos
Oudike Egreizew
Clatt Ounnaiman
Ann Oson
Endle Broski
Claimneirr Brulenner
Sizzins Ilm
Skekreis Imayllaidike

I'll be using the name generator to determine the sex of my Traveller character. So this is pretty much the first characteristic that is assigned by my CharGen program.

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