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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Traveller App(s) for Q4 2015

RPGSUITE.COM e-mailed out their latest newsletter today (you can visit their site to get on their e-mailing list). The newsletter contained links to the various media sites out there, with one of them being YouTube. And that means a video.

The sound track was off by more than a few seconds. But with a few re-winds of the video, it's made clear what RPGSUITE's app does. Just a few parts of it are shown. The app uses a hex grid themed GUI, which I can live with. After all, Traveller utilizes both hex and square grids throughout its fan-made modules, if not in the game's actual rule books.

Because Mongoose Traveller Second Edition has not been released yet, there are some parts of the app which obviously cannot be shown. I've been updating my own apps so that they follow the Second Edition rules. I wish I could show at least one of them in a video. But I'm waiting for the hardcovers to ship (maybe sooner, if PDFs are shipped first). I am pretty excited about the cleaned up rules (and better organized) and the revised die mechanic for resolving skill checks quicker (which means less game pausing, because every little bit of improvement counts over time). It makes Classic Traveller's mechanic look more like an abacus-slash-slide-rule-hybrid of a sort. If there was ever a 6-bit computer, Classic Traveller would be perfect for it.

Mongoose could have taken Traveller into Cortex Plus, Savage Worlds, FATE, or FFG Star Wars territory. I'm glad they chose to just make slight improvements (here and there) of their existing game instead.

Yes, I know. It's been awhile since I did any typing on my blog. What can I say? I'm in a holding pattern.

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