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Monday, August 5, 2013

Teaser Clip (With Audio)

This time I ran the rendered Traveller Broadsword frames from Vue Infinite through VirtualDub and then exported as AVI into Pinnacle Studio, where I used Magic Bullet Looks to add a slight glow to the scene. Boris Graffiti was used for the new title. The audio was all me, before some severe editing was done to it. Modo was used to create the letterbox matting, because all cool '70s sci-fi has letterboxing.


  1. Wow! Audio matches the ship/planet shot amazingly. I'd be inclined to run the title sequence backwards as a reveal - or if you have the capacity, run it backwards as a reveal and then forewards as a peel-off for extra 70's cheese.

    1. It took all day to find a peeling title that wasn't cheesy. A lot of them look too "Public Access Channel" quality. Or too "Terminator" looking. Your idea is good though.