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Monday, July 8, 2013

Lost Interest in D6 Space While Reading About Die Rolls

Was reading the rules for D6 Space just now. The first example (page 55) of die rolling for a task is "digging a hole". The next skill example is "jumping onto a table".

I lost interest already in this space RPG. I didn't even look to see if a target number is used or not.

Anyone here read RPG rules that had lame skill examples for their die rolls?


  1. Oh dear, sounds like the writer had an attack of the cutes when it came to write the skill roll examples.

    I'da thunk they would have at least tried to make the examples relative to the game. What gets you more in the mood to play a Space game? Docking the shuttle at the High Port or digging a hole?

  2. Digging a hole in D6 Space requires having a Lifting skill for lifting dirt with a shovel. I was never a fan of digging rules in RPGs.