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Thursday, October 31, 2013

TRAVELLER: The Package (Test Animation)

TRAVELLER: The Package is the name of Sameoldji's Mongoose Traveller game he's refereeing. This is an animation test I made yesterday, based on a concept painted mega city he found which we've use for inspiration.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Campaign Announced

I found out today that the name of the Traveller campaign I'll be playing in is Traveller: The Package. It will be five sessions and could continue on to ten sessions depending on how things go. There are three players and a referee. It's definitely a sandbox setting at first and will begin to take shape after a session or two. One of the players already has a mind to role-play a psionic character. He'll be human because he doesn't know the Zhodani background (his first Traveller game).

I'm beginning to see a career for my character. Either a scientist or a drifter. Probably human.

Something to Think About

I was told to think of a Traveller character to play in a game starting in November. The referee said it will be a sandbox setting over a course of five game sessions, which means pretty much any character will work.

So many choices.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Updated My Solomani Name Generator

Added more letter combination types to my Solomani name generator for Traveller:

Sumank Q. Beophytz (Male)
Ooko Y. Ery (Male)
Craurlie C. Liajeghififrouwdi (Male)
Geank Y. Couson (Male)
Flinos F. Adal (Male)
Etrick P. Dirie (Male)
Jeandi X. Aitwift (Female)
Aiscesteft F. Istoum (Female)
Tiarly D. Eidai (Female)
Oonneaslan U. Eeglihn (Male)
Eprunas Y. Ismaulmes (Male)
Elsir C. Twyrk (Male)
Adro P. Umaichrasneiroumon (Female)
Itt I. Ratros (Male)
Eabilos U. Elleindie (Male)
Aifason K. Brem (Female)
Plus Q. Ughoulsipryphiagal (Male)
Sleones M. Trec (Male)
Slinas P. Demon (Male)
Ias W. Ains (Male)
Smeeles M. Shailler (Male)
Izyx P. Nough (Male)
Peassex L. Smias (Male)
Iadredi S. Stirx (Female)
Aud Y. Tusluqailmes (Female)
Iasmeejaubrine A. Uyyiaclespeory (Male)
Echenas R. Elrick (Male)
Aultaumirl R. Eakanseaghin (Female)
Quaprent I. Ihn (Male)
Pospohn S. Chreitt (Male)
Swidrutiang U. Aikryday (Male)
Itwiaque R. Eirly (Male)
Denez Z. Errimmer (Male)
Twauchriart W. Aullaquir (Male)
Smiath W. Yti (Male)
Aig X. Squaundi (Female)
Espuchi T. Searl (Female)
Ywrutts Q. Raitti (Male)
Twiklagal S. Skeadeabudro (Male)
Isen M. Peannor (Male)
Breilgight Y. Anes (Male)
Shudrick W. Aleally (Male)
Iplatz L. Illy (Male)
Islianuz L. Niart (Male)
Isliale I. Egh (Female)
Dreller D. Ialsale (Male)
Starake M. Feseason (Male)
Byc D. Yrrie (Male)
Aufod K. Sping (Female)
Slipper Q. Twimilteiclealf (Male)
Ailteclealla F. Ones (Female)
Priazyx N. Oulsip (Male)
Iappelimirlie Y. Twaukkiclimon (Female)
Quoultixx R. Kreasmof (Male)
Eestriall G. Adreismis (Male)
Istretwiasen N. Ostauke (Male)
Aitwouzo C. Eisen (Female)
Eirl Q. Leidynos (Male)
Iwrelm G. Tailt (Male)
Eally O. Eday (Female)
Aiplin C. Paini (Female)
Quiarly R. Appuitheni (Female)
Drynnor G. Slicoutti (Male)
Haindal Z. Sydal (Male)
Oulseane V. Easvini (Male)
Cleip V. Hesmaillie (Male)
Treli S. Yjis (Male)
Ilgiakleonner U. Goulle (Male)
Glaulmes T. Ein (Male)
Tralteork J. Chraif (Male)
Kinnor W. Iadrulmes (Male)
Eastinez Z. Chriassus (Male)
Iapiale C. Ing (Female)
Aitheispuimmer H. Groumon (Female)
Ainez Q. Brespeighaifrein (Female)
Eotiahn B. Spizospeonsteal (Male)
Eastrery F. Eazy (Male)
Ida I. Amaitts (Female)
Treav D. Seoth (Male)
Crotts T. Prit (Male)
Eistriaph W. Thurreatriant (Male)
Eiryski Z. Ezy (Female)
Stink Z. Naut (Male)
Grister O. Afones (Male)
Crank M. Itros (Male)
Skeidichugh D. Aunnor (Male)
Cuikkeaft O. Radro (Male)
Ust B. Iwritti (Male)
Swenes A. Ycladay (Male)
Gaskinez Z. Swilm (Male)
Huhn K. Jeyy (Male)
Skes Z. Edi (Male)
Iseachs M. Esmac (Male)
Kluirk H. Aunnypaiswiam (Male)
Oule G. Uweoslaiseque (Female)
Preadros P. Aglianaunnor (Male)
Ocleaday U. Eblight (Male)
Sweank R. Aunny (Male)
Quidreini B. Quoc (Male)
Steasnuirlie D. Lais (Male)

76% Males
24% Females

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Solomani Names for Traveller

I wrote a Solomani name generator for Traveller last night. Here are some sample names:

Awraikkouhn Shichruda
Imon Ouherlie
Cladrum Eiw
Outton Emon
Gippirr Endie
Traint Eis
Kraistrandy Fuschuimain
Itz Neda
Cokraim Morigretteini
Gaicrelm Eindal
Tomon Estuistannor
Ibrella Skugrasen
Preorlie Udike
Cischath Emmer
Nennor Imon
Chrindel Ell
Unter Zhihith
Hini Bibrinn
Eixx Skeithillon
Doumirlie Ent
Rizeimnux Qipposen
Oulla Chrutts
Indie Eithigainnor
Strouzo Ukkoummer
Ponnor Reotteni
Foclilsaim Ikrondy
Dippeini Zwirlie
Eim Aiw
Freijas Oufustrummer
Ith Plilapesheiw
Shindie Ouman
Glainnie Ipper
Irr Bibeos
Oudike Egreizew
Clatt Ounnaiman
Ann Oson
Endle Broski
Claimneirr Brulenner
Sizzins Ilm
Skekreis Imayllaidike

I'll be using the name generator to determine the sex of my Traveller character. So this is pretty much the first characteristic that is assigned by my CharGen program.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Teaser Clip (With Audio)

This time I ran the rendered Traveller Broadsword frames from Vue Infinite through VirtualDub and then exported as AVI into Pinnacle Studio, where I used Magic Bullet Looks to add a slight glow to the scene. Boris Graffiti was used for the new title. The audio was all me, before some severe editing was done to it. Modo was used to create the letterbox matting, because all cool '70s sci-fi has letterboxing.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Alien World 2

Not the prettiest planet. But I thought it looked interesting enough to post here. Not sure what to call it yet or what Traveller characters in the future will explore it under duress.
Moved the star for a darker shot.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Aslan Cultural and Career Battles

Humans in Aslan culture? How cool is that? Reading some more of the Mongoose Aslan book while I'm coding my CharGen for it. So humans can be adopted and raised as Aslan. Nice. And Aslan can choose a career from the Core Rulebook. That's like an open-world character generator for me. No limits. There's even rules about human sexes in various Aslan careers. I want to role-play in that!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aslan Battle of the Sexes

It took me awhile. But I finally finished the career template code for my Aslan character generator for Mongoose Traveller. I'm writing the code in Python (my favorite language of all time since deciding to learn it a year ago).

I'm using the career rules from the Mongoose Alien Module 1 book. The Traveller Core Rulebook and Vargr careers were easier to make templates for. But for Aslan, careers and skills are masculine or feminine. And some are for both. So that added a layer of data checking. I don't mind the extra complexity. More fun for me to solve in Python. And I get to learn more about one of the alien races in Traveller in the process.

Notice that I didn't use the word sophont. Such a dumb word. Oh, you didn't notice? Good. Then you haven't been politically corrupted.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Lost Interest in D6 Space While Reading About Die Rolls

Was reading the rules for D6 Space just now. The first example (page 55) of die rolling for a task is "digging a hole". The next skill example is "jumping onto a table".

I lost interest already in this space RPG. I didn't even look to see if a target number is used or not.

Anyone here read RPG rules that had lame skill examples for their die rolls?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Have Vargr Will Travel

Well, I just finished programming my Vargr character generator for Mongoose Traveller. I'm using Mongoose's Alien Module 2: Vargr book for the character attributes, skills, equipment, weapons, homeworld, pack leadership, etc.

I still have to do one last thing though. Tomorrow I'll program a Vargr name generator for it, using the rules from the book, so that the Vargr characters will have names on their sheets.

I may end up doing a character generator for the Aslan next.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Working on Vargr Character Generation Now

I'm currently working on a Traveller character generator for the Vargr. I renamed by last character generator to "human". The new one is called "vargr". So if I need a human PC or NPC, I just double-click the file instead of the file. Takes a second to generate a character's homeworld and character sheet in Excel, where I can edit a few things on the sheet if needed before saving it as a PDF. I'll also add a Vargr name generator to the program so that the character's name is filled in. My human program leaves the name blank, so I can enter a name later.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Starter Traveller (Still Free)

I thought I'd mention that Traveller (Starter Edition) is free from DriveThru RPG.

It was first published in 1983, as a reprint of the Deluxe Edition of Traveller which was no longer in print. Both editions came in boxes. This was the boxed era of RPGs after all. Traveller was also published in hardcover at that time as a standalone book, which seemed very odd to do at the time. What?! No box?!

NOTE: These rules are considered very classic. They are very abstract compared to those found in the more fleshed out Mongoose Traveller Core Rulebook.