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Saturday, October 21, 2017

TRAVELLER RPG: Subsector Test (8X zoom)

I spent the last two days straight, and a lot of Pandora listening, coding the 8X zoom routine for my map generator. Lots of mental gymnastics involved in keeping track of (x, y) coordinates and +/- directions for sector and subsector and parsec traversing. Lots of it. It took me back though to my FORTRAN days, writing Star Trek games that needed sector and quadrant scans and galactic maps generated.

One thing I have learned during this whole process is that a lot of answers posted on Stack Overflow are worthless. People that have asked the questions I've had myself were pointed in the wrong direction, or shown code that was functional instead of procedural. Function code, in my book, is useless. Because it is a one-trick pony, or a black box that no one knows how it works. Of course, the guy that wrote the functional code thinks it is the best, most efficient, way to program. But one change made to the code, and its broken.

Another thing I have learned in the last week with this project is that YouTube is still king when it comes to finding solutions to most computer program problems. Someone somewhere is bound to have had a programming problem that I've run into, and posted a video on YouTube showing a solution. Since I'm not inventing anything new, it means that someone else has run into the same problems before.

Sometimes, I think of posting a video showing how to solve a programming issue. But then I see that there are already lots of videos on the subject already. YouTube even has better answers than Wiki does. I rarely go to Wiki anymore for answers to things.

I think the next part to work on for this app will be the voice recognition. I already have the code in mind that I'll use. Just have to figure out where it'll plug in.

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