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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Skyrim Has Teenagers Now

This is Mikki.

She is one of the Sassy Teen Followers from a Skyrim mod. The reason why I'm posting this image of a Skyrim teenager, or even mentioning something so mundane, is the fact that Skyrim simply has no teenagers. They don't exist. People are either small children, or are large adults.

There are a few Skyrim characters that are "teenagers", but they have adult voices and adult bodies. Often times, such characters are bigger and tougher than my character. So now there are three real teenagers in Skyrim added by this mod.


Another reason why I'm posting about this is because these three characters look like teenagers. Typically, "teenager" mods include japanime girls. Or they include big girl bodies with tiny girl heads. There are hundreds of hundreds of such mods for Skyrim. Every one of them is complete crap, as well as lame.

This mod not only gets the age and height right for teenagers. It gets the voice right as well. Thank the Gods for custom voices that top-notch modders are creating now.

I'm not a modder in any way. I was told these followers are their own custom race. So I guess that means they won't show up as Nord by Skyrim. But they at least look and sound the part. They can be downloaded from

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dragons and Spaceships

Alejandro Olmedo has been painting a world with dragons and spaceships. And they fit nicely together. People cringe when I mention dragons in my High Society Traveller. Take a look at his project gallery at