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Thursday, September 17, 2015

RPG: Sirene Geest Worm

From Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition.

Sirene Geest Worm.

Siren Spirit (or Mind) Worm.

Encountered by crew of the S. S. Tubantia (ca. 5590). No survivors.
The psionic kill shout comes from the shell (could be a brain of some kind there). It's not yet understood how the worms are related to it. Most crew only see worms behind furniture, or in darkened bathroom stalls before the siren tells them to hold a gun to their mouth as they try to resist the growing shouts.

The psionic connection does not indicate the location of the sirene geest. So it was assumed that the worms were the sirens. Or the Dutch scientist's records were not all that clear what was what really. And space-urban legends only continued the misnomer over time. Psi helmets work great against the creature.

If your players happen to find the S.S. Tubantia, they may find science records, some ship's logs, and lots of screaming.

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