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Friday, August 28, 2015

Is RPG Support Even Do-able?

I was thinking of writing this on my tech blog, but thought more that perhaps this was not really a tech issue. So I'll assume it's an RPG problem.

There are many "expert" sites now on this WWW (Weird World War... no, that's not right) that proclaim to answer anyones "tech" issues. One such site is which specializes in RPG tech. With questions like, "Which roleplaying games feature realistic combat?"

And sure enough, every RPG under the Sun ends up being posted as an answer to the question. This group effort of helping someone with a technical question results in a huge list of all RPGs. It happens every time. 50% of the answers are complete NULL because the posters didn't bother reading the question first. "Oh! A list of RPGs is being generated! Let me add my favorite game here!" Another 49% will not have an answer, but will feel they should at least add their favorite game to the growing list anyway. "Everyone else did it."

Which leads me to believe that once again (while trying to be an optimist still), in general, role-play gamers are pretty much just chuckleheads. Which is sad. Because they all try to make themselves out to be experts on everything when you try to talk with one. Which is also sad.

A typical 35-year-old-to-old-geaser that plays Traveller will say, in a heartbeat, that they are an expert when it comes to science (if not quantum physics). And they will mention some kind of degree they have, blah blah. They will tell you that their Traveller game sessions are based on real science, etc etc. Yet when you watch one of their games, there is no science mentioned, and everyone is acting like they're a character in Spaceballs. If you were to ask any of the players how some scientific piece of equipment worked on their ship, they'd look at you like a deer in headlights and have no answer.

By the way, there is no science in Traveller. Just so you know. It's just a generic role-playing game, with some sci-fi in it, that I wish people would role-play instead of whatever it is they're doing in a game session.

Anyway, my hobby is cluttered with such people. And they're the ones asking why their RPG game is not as popular as it should be. They're the ones asking how they can get new players into the hobby, and so on, and...

They're the ones new players have to ask for RPG support.

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