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Thursday, October 31, 2013

TRAVELLER: The Package (Test Animation)

TRAVELLER: The Package is the name of Sameoldji's Mongoose Traveller game he's refereeing. This is an animation test I made yesterday, based on a concept painted mega city he found which we've use for inspiration.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Campaign Announced

I found out today that the name of the Traveller campaign I'll be playing in is Traveller: The Package. It will be five sessions and could continue on to ten sessions depending on how things go. There are three players and a referee. It's definitely a sandbox setting at first and will begin to take shape after a session or two. One of the players already has a mind to role-play a psionic character. He'll be human because he doesn't know the Zhodani background (his first Traveller game).

I'm beginning to see a career for my character. Either a scientist or a drifter. Probably human.

Something to Think About

I was told to think of a Traveller character to play in a game starting in November. The referee said it will be a sandbox setting over a course of five game sessions, which means pretty much any character will work.

So many choices.