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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Traveller RPG Die Roll Results Chart

In Classic Traveller, a character's task is resolved by rolling two 6-sided dice (2D6). Typically, a roll of 8 or higher means the character was successful. Here is the results chart for 2D6.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Game Mapping For RPGs

Playing with Hex - World Creator Version 0.93beta. It's not too bad. I have to save often because my dual monitor setup, I think, causes it to crash at times.

I've been BINGing for free hexmap software to use for GURPS. There are lots of programs for RPGs that use square grid maps. Traveller is one of those RPGs that uses squares (for building and spaceship interiors). But GURPS uses a hex grid map instead (it uses hexes for everything).

At first I was going to buy a mapping program. I looked at Campaign Cartographer 3. But the artwork for the hexes, and the GUI for it, didn't convince me.

Another program I found was DrawHexGrid 3.4, which just draws (you guessed it) hex grids. It has an option of numbering each hex, with the TrueType font you select (cool!). I will be trying out the line drawing thickness settings in it to see how well hex grid overlays can be made for my terrain images.